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A Story Is Forever.
Every Life Story Is Unique.

The accomplishments and hurdles we come across teach us valuable lessons along the way.

By sharing these experiences, we hold the power to inspire and make a positive impact on others.

Assortment of Books
Riccardo Lo Faro, Biographer and Ghostwriter.

Whether it's your biography you wish to see on paper, the story of your family or business, a children's book or a story that you want to turn into a movie, together we will make it an extraordinary accomplishment!

Books, e.Books, and Video Biographies to cherish your life and values over time.

60+ Books Published To Date.
PrimiDieci Awards, Riccardo Lo Faro
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Founder and President

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Ordine dei Giornalisti del Lazio, Riccaro Lo Faro, Member


Foreign Press Centers, Riccardo Lo Faro, member


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